Sabtu, 28 Juli 2007

Kim Drops Sex Tape Suit, Becomes Filthy Rich

I know you haven’t forgotten about Kim Kardashian because that would be practically impossible, wouldn’t it? Well, just in case you have, let me refresh your memory a bit: she is the daughter of the late attorney who defended O.J. Simpson, a close friend of Paris Hilton (or maybe a past tense would be more appropriate here since the two of them haven’t been seen together since word got out that Kim was competing against Paris for the title Queen of Celebrities with Porn Homemade Tapes) and, as you must have already figured it out, a star with a sex tape of her own.

Back in February, there was this entire madness over the ‘Kim Kardashian Superstar’ porn video the socialite had taped years ago, when she was still dating singer Brandy’s lil’ brother, Ray J and which was purchased by Vivid Videos. At that time, Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of the company, said that Vivid bought the tape from a third party for the sum of $1 million, claiming that, therefore, they had all the right in the world to distribute it, even if Kim were to oppose such an action.

In her turn, the woman who had become such a huge star overnight threatened to sue Hirsch and Vivid for violation of privacy, saying that she would stop the sex tape from going public if that cost her life. Until now, not much of this suit was heard, aside from the many statements coming from Hirsch, who continued to say that he would love if both parties came to an understanding and if Kim were to become the next Vivid girl. We can all imagine why…

Yesterday, news broke out that Kim dropped all legal action against Vivid Videos, by settling the whole ‘ordeal’ outside court. The amount she got for her tacit acceptance, as if circulated in the media, rises to $5 million. In case you missed that, it’s five million dollars! I guess all the efforts eventually paid off, didn’t they?

‘Kim Kardashian Superstar’ is not only available in all the stores (’specialized’ ones, if you catch my drift) but it has also proved to be one of the best sellers. Ha! Take that Paris Hilton and ‘One Night in Paris’! So, it is understandable why Hirsch would want to settle the whole thing outside court, even if that meant he were to pay five times the money he paid when he bought the tape. But he’s not sad: ‘We are pleased that Kim has dropped her legal action against us. We met with her several times and finally reached a financial arrangement that we both feel is fair. We’ve always known we had the legal right to distribute this video, which became an instant bestseller and we’ve always wanted to work something out with Kim so she could share in the profit. ‘, Hirsch said in a statement.

However, word has it that Vivid has also agreed on ceasing all distribution of the tape at the end of May (that is, in 31 days!) so, if you really want to see Kim and Ray J in action, time is running out! However, Kim is still not happy about it: ‘I’m just so relieved that this chapter of my life is over now. I have so much going on in my life. I never wanted anyone to think of me as Kim Kardashian, sex tape star…I still have to live with the embarrassment and fear that one day my grandkids are going to see it.’, she said in an interview with ‘Us Weekly’.

Meanwhile, the other ‘protagonist’ on the famous tape, Ray J (who is currently dating none other than diva Whitney Houston) chose to celebrate the launch of the tape in Vegas, hosting a Kim-lookalike contest. The girl who won was promised a starring role on the next sex tape. And that’s not a lie! Hey, at least someone (other than us) is happy about the sex tape being out and the lawsuit out the window. Hurray for that!

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